Choosing a Wedding Date in 2019 & 2020

Published December 11, 2018  Updated April 23, 2019


Choosing a wedding date is one of the first exciting wedding planning activities after getting engaged.  While you may have a timeframe in mind, there may be dates that won’t work for your preferred venue, your guests, or your budget.  As you begin to look over the calendar, think about these eight considerations as you narrow down your list.



The Length of the Engagement May Affect your Budget

Depending on how far out your wedding date is, you may be able to save more money.  Also, the further away your wedding date, the more likely a preferred venue has availability.


Use the Wedding Budget Calculator to estimate your expenses.


Peak Season is more expensive

There are certain times of year when weddings are more expensive, depending on the location.  The peak season for weddings is late April to September, with the summer months being the most expensive.  There is also a “peak” during days of the week!  To explain, some venues require a food and beverage minimum be met, which is the minimum amount of food and alcohol that must be spent in order to book a wedding at a venue.   The minimum is typically higher on Friday and Saturday evenings, and lower on Sundays.  The minimum can sometimes be even lower for a morning wedding or a wedding held during the week.  Keep this in mind when negotiating the contract with your venue or caterer.


Government Holidays & Holiday Season

When a government holiday falls on a Monday, many people take vacation. And while the holiday season may seem like a great time to get married, some of guests may also plan vacation during this time of year.





April 21

April 12

Memorial Day

May 27

May 25

Labor Day

September 2

September 7

Columbus Day

October 14

October 12

Veteran’s Day

November 11

Wednesday, November 11


November 28

November 26


December 22 – 30

December 10 – 18


December 24 – 25

December 24 – 25

New Year’s

December 31 – January 1

December 31 – January 1


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Special Days

Would you mind getting married on your birthday or your partner’s birthday?  What about Valentine’s Day or the day that you met?  Also think about the birthdays of your parents, your children, or members of the wedding party.

Special Day



Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 14

Friday, February 14

Mother’s Day

May 12

May 10

Father’s Day

June 16

June 21


The Weather

Depending on where you want to get married, determine which time of year would be optimal to get married.  If you want a beach wedding in the Caribbean, then late summer or early winter may be sunny weather and not too hot.  If you are interested in Europe, it may be cold and rainy in the United Kingdom towards the end of the year.  Research typical weather conditions for your place of interest.


Major Sports Events




Super Bowl – Football

February 3

February 2

US PGA – Golf

May 16 – May 19

May 11 – 17

FA Cup final – Soccer

May 18


NBA Finals – Basketball



US Open – Tennis

June 13 – 16

June 18 – 21

World Series – Baseball

October 20 – 30


Summer Olympics

Not applicable

July 24 – August 9


Friday the 13th

Just a few dates to keep in mind.



September 13

March 13

December 13

November 13


Blackout Days for work

Depending on your line of work, there may be days that are difficult to take off.


Whatever date you choose, as long as it feels right for you and your partner, that’s all that matters. Now that you’re narrowing down the date, be sure to get started on the major wedding planning activities.


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